What is Digital Marketing? How is it important for all businesses?

what is digital marketing

With the rapid growth of the online markets, especially after the pandemic period, the importance of digital marketing has reached an all-time peak across industries. Given the perpetual increase in the number of users on the web and the subsequent growth in the number of online businesses, digital marketing has become imperative for brands to stand out in the crowd.

Whether you look at a niche organisation like escape room breakout in Bangalore or a global conglomerate like PepsiCo, digital marketing strategies are shaping business strategies for every brand under the sun.

This article will explore in detail the phenomenon of digital marketing itself and the scopes it can bring to businesses worldwide.

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing or online marketing refers to all the marketing strategies and efforts that are implemented in the online platform to increase sales. It is a way in which brands try their best to promote themselves and bring in organic traffic to their respective websites. It starts from emails to social media channels; there are various ways in which digital marketing strategies are implemented by brands to pull up their sales.

How is Digital Marketing important for all businesses?

Based on the type of business, the extent to which digital marketing can impact sales differs slightly. However, the multifaceted benefits of this marketing technique that can be marked for every organisation include:

1. It helps in identifying the right SEO strategies

To grow the reputation of your brand in the online markets, SEO is the most vital factor that you need to consider. Working on the right SEO strategies can help you to optimise your sales in no time, as you can now improve your search engine rankings effectively.

You can start by checking the SEO rankings of your website on the internet. By working on the right SEO strategies, you can easily drive organic traffic to your website effectively. While finding out the right SEO strategies for your company, make sure to prioritise your long-term goals over the short-term ones.

2. Good brand presence on social media

In recent times, the vitality of digital marketing has grown undeniably with the increase in competition in the markets. So many people check out the content on social media every day, thereby increasing the vitality of your brand’s social media presence. The use of social media marketing has helped in promoting the sales of various businesses today!

Engaging with your customers over Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is one of the essential ways to grow your customer base. Strategic use of social media can help provide you with relevant feedback (both positive and negative) left behind by your customers. By going through all this valuable feedback, you can accordingly modify or change your marketing strategies.

3. Catchy and imaginative content creation

Apart from all else, paying attention to creating impactful, catchy, and attractive content is another vital aspect that can help to grow your brand. Dull content will never bring in any audience, so make sure you create eye-grabbing content for your website. The number of users that you can also gather substantially depends on the kind of content you produce.

Remember that when your audience is looking for something on the internet, they are searching for things that will be useful for them. Thus, while creating content, keep in mind that it should be carved in a way that it serves a purpose and is not merely some useless junk.

Be it blog posts, social media posts, ads, or anything that you create, show users why exactly your product/service is going to be useful to them. Ensure that your users are provided real-time solutions through the content that you create for your brand.

4. Pay Per Click (PPC) 

Pay Per Click is an immensely useful advertising strategy that can help in promoting your brand on the web. It is simply a mode in which companies and businesses can advertise their brands to increase their sales. Getting started with PPC as soon as possible is the best thing to do if you are looking for more clients on your website.

One of the most reliable and widely used PPC platforms amongst various businesses is Google Ads. It allows advertisers to launch their ads alongside requiring a small payment each time anyone clicks on the ad.

5. Utilise email marketing 

What is email marketing

Email marketing can immensely help you to grow and enhance customer relationships over time. From sending regular updates on when there is a sale to new launches, email marketing allows you to stay connected with your customers. You can even use digital marketing tools like Mailchimp that further even allow you to automate your emails for ease.

Email marketing works by identifying and valuing the buyer’s journey with your company by analysing their purchase decisions and interests. Other than this, adequate planning is also required to ace your email marketing skills.


The vitality of digital marketing to promote sales and increase outreach remains the same for all kinds of businesses. The more a brand embraces the various digital marketing strategies, the more it can grow in this competitive market of today.

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