Tips To Put Your Toddler To A Continuous Sleep

Are you among one of the mothers who is still researching how to put a toddler to sleep?

This blog is for all the mothers who still have sleepless nights in spite of their little one growing up into a toddler. Your baby must have given you sleepless nights by waking up every 3-4 hours in the night, but if this still continues even after she crosses a year or two, you need to look into it.

The Canadian surveys and the NCBI surveys show that the sleep pattern drastically varies in a baby from birth to the age of the toddler. The studies say that the development of sleep duration at night becomes much better for your infant over time. We still find mothers searching over the internet to find some remedies to stop their infants from waking up at night.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the root cause of the problem. You need to see the reason behind why your little one wakes up at night. Here are the most probable causes that wake your child up at night and the remedies for you to find a solution to the problems. read and implement it for better parenting and a better lifestyle.

Things that wake your child up at night

  1. Hunger: The main cause of your little toddler waking up at night is because of hunger. This happens to the children who are fussy eaters and are very energetic. Your child must be cranky and does not eat well. When he hits the bed with an empty stomach, hunger makes way and wakes him up in the middle of the night, all cranky. Make it a point to feed them nutritious food at dinner time. If they make a fuss, give them fruits and a glass of milk when they go to bed. This curbs their hunger and gives them a good sleep.
  • Excitement: Toddlers play, and play and do not get tired at all. When they are forcibly taken to bed, they tend to cry and sleep with an indention to wake up all over again. This distorts their sleeping pattern and wakes them up. The best way to stop these issues is to take them to bed by calming them down completely. Play some soft music or sing them a lullaby when you make them sleep. You can also introduce bedtime stories, and this will improve their communication. The best way to destress them and make them less anxious is to use an oil diffuser and ooze out some lavender oil fragrance with the help of it. The fragrance of this essential oil destresses your toddler and calms him completely. They stop insomnia, and your little one sleeps peacefully.
  • Blocked nose – Toddlers are learning to talk, and they find it hard to communicate well. At times, they will have a blocked nose that troubles them a lot. The minute they are laid on the bed, they find it difficult to breathe and cry their lugs out at night. What you could do to give them comfort is to make them rest their head on an elevated pillow. You could have some steam sessions before putting your toddler to sleep. This can be done with the help of a steamer. Use an aromatic oil diffuser with eucalyptus oil and tea tree oil in it. These oils have anti-microbial properties and purify the air your little one is breathing. It also stops the cold and flu and boosts immunity in your child.
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are the trouble-makers that slip into your room and suck on the blood of your toddler when he is asleep. You may not be using mosquito repellent liquids, fearing the side effects they would have on your baby. What you could do is to add some lavender and basil oil in the oil diffuser and turn it on. The fragrances that the oil diffuser emits make the pests get irritated, and your child will sleep without any mosquito bites.
  • Wrong parenting: Do you enjoy late-night rides and late-night partying? Do you watch a movie post-midnight or keep scrolling your phone until you fall asleep. You need to remember that your child is watching you and following your footsteps. Make sure you get into bed in time and way up early. This automatically gets instilled in your little one’s brain, and he follows what you are doing. In this way, his subconscious mind trains him up to sleep without waking up at night.

These are the simple tips that you can follow to make your child sleep well. Studies have proven that your little one begins to grow only when the body is at rest. Do these things so that the body does not get disturbed, and the growth does not get hindered.

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