13 Brilliant WordPress Themes for Newbies

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Take wordpress into consideration because from whatever career or whatever passion you have, you can start sharing to the world your work through WordPress.

It enables and help you create your own website, may it be a basic for personal use or the more complex for professional use.

Anything and everything can now be found in the internet, so whatever it is that you have to offer you can post in your very own website. And you can cater and reach more people and you can build a bigger audience. As a beginner in WordPress, you may have not have all the resources and knowledge that you need to build a professional website but you can start now and upgrade as you go the way.

To help you start your own website, here are some of the brilliant themes you can choose from that fits the service or content that you want to publish:

  1. If your contents are all about music, events, and such, Music theme is perfect for you. It is a theme ready to upload your track and/or album and create events to invite your followers.
  2. Are you an artist, photographer or a designer? Elegant theme will feature your creative works in the best possible way.
  3. If waves and the beach is your stuff, then Swell theme will feature your Swell of the day very well. It has a bigger header for that wide and panoramic shot.
  4. You want to show the word your talent and skill? Portfolio theme is a minimalist design that highlights your works.
  5. If you are that type of person that features out of this world content, literally, then Space9 theme will suit you well. It has a futuristic design for your blogs or business.
  6. Rock climbing, paragliding, extreme rides, travels and adventures. Have the Adventure theme that offers biography section, slideshow that features your favorite photos, Google maps widgets and social media icons that allows the audience to easily share your adventure.
  7. Flatlays here, flatlays there. When food is bountiful and looked too good to eat, you cannot just resist grabbing your phone and taking a picture. If you are one of those critics, blogger type, you will definitely feature this on your website. and FlatWhite theme is made just for the food addict like you and me and share that food porn that makes you crave for more.
  8. If photography is really your focus. Borano theme offers you a straightforward design that shows your portfolio. Through this, you can also offer your service to your captured audience.
  9. If sharing your experiences is your thing, then Creek theme enables you to share everything under the sun. Keep your blogs coming with this simple yet stylish theme.
  10. This theme allows you to launch your new app or services like a pro. It is has a good design ideal in promoting wide range of products and services.
  11. Now, this theme will be a big help for you as a beginner. Its minimalist style was incorporated in an easy to understand option and settings.
  12. As the name implies, cheer up because this is a theme that makes you jump for joy as it helps you feature your blogs in a magazine style.
  13. Now this theme is created for the beginners of the beginners. Regardless of your content, you can choose and customize this multi-purpose theme.

There you have it. Thirteen brilliant WordPress themes made for you. Enjoy!

Guest Author: Patrick Del Rosario

Patrick Del Rosario is part of the team behind 85ideas, where you can find the best templates collection, quality tutorials and collections of themes and plugins put together by WordPress experts.

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