How to Make Money with Your Writing Skills

how to make money with your writing skills

This was the same question that I once asked myself back when I was still a graduate. I was good at writing, and often received straight A’s on my assignments – both general and technical writing. I realized that in the time that I waited for my placement firm to call me, I could find ways to earn a passive source of income in order to bankroll my adventure trips. That way I could both enjoy my vacation and be prepared for my first big job.

$300 per articleAfter doing a brief research both online and offline, I realized that the key was to not depend on a single method. There are tons of individuals and companies looking for good writers. So, why should I chance my luck on a single platform? I went ahead and tried all possible avenues, and stuck with the ones that paid me the highest.

Presenting you the top five ways in which you can earn money with your brilliant writing skills:

Freelance Writing Job

One of the most lucrative and career-building activities out there, this can help you earn a lot of money. You just need to have the proper set of writing skills and the ability to market them. Create a profile on freelance websites like or Upwork, and start submitting proposals to online jobs posted there. There are lots of jobs available for you to choose from. Article writing, SEO content, and blogging are some of the biggest types in such portals.

Freelance work in this field can earn you anywhere from $10 to $50 per hour, which can be an attractive side gig for both graduate students and working professionals, It will help with transitioning from a legal career in your life.

Work at Your Local Newspaper

Newspapers and magazines are always looking for contributors. While it may be difficult to find work in top publications as you start up, you can pay a visit to your local newspaper office and ask for work. You can submit all types of articles – opinions, actual news, photographs, and editorials – and get paid.

At the beginning, the pay may not be as higher as with a writing job online, but if the editors love your work, you can even consider doing it full-time. Journalism is a hot profession right now, and gaining an entry into the system will be easier this way.

Run a Blog

If you have ever heard of the term “affiliate marketing”, you already know the way how most independent bloggers make money. It is so popular in today’s age that there are thousands of bloggers who make a living through blogging.

Create a blog on a standalone domain and start publishing good-quality articles regularly. Once you have developed a good authority on your website, you can target affiliate marketing or run ads. Both methods can help you earn chunks of money. People will soon contact and request you to publish their articles for SEO and other marketing purposes. This way you can make anything in the range of $50 to $300 per article, depending upon the authority and reach of your blog. and you can buy a reliable host packages from this hosting company


Although this will require you to know and understand an additional language, it is an easy way to put your creative writing into good use. There are thousands of translation jobs online, with only a handful of translators. If you took Spanish or any other language as your second language in college, then now is the time to use it.

Providing translation services for Spanish to English text and vice versa can be a high-paying side job.


If you have great freelance writing skills, you automatically possess editing and proofreading skills. The best part about this type of job is that the people who require proofreading services are all around you – your relatives, your friends, and your colleagues.

$300 per article

Network with the people around you and market your editing skills. Does you distant uncle want his comprehensive resume to be proofread? Waste no time and pitch your skills to him. Since you are family, he will give preference to you, and may even pay you a bonus because you are a hard-working individual. Your college mates want a hand at editing their manuscript? The help is right here.

The key is to start with small jobs so that you can create a portfolio. Then, apply for big jobs and showcase your talent through past works.

These are the top five ways in which you can make money with your writing skills. According to Fortune, writing has stayed one of the top most-wanted skills in the world since the 1980s. Having writing and editing skills puts you ahead of your peers, and gives you a chance to earn a secondary source of income. It can not only help you organize your “adventure trips” but can also help you in your investing game. Once you get a full-time actual job, use the monthly salary to pay your bills, and the income from your side gig to invest. You will be a lot happier than your contemporaries.

I hope these methods will help you make money as you prepare yourself for a competitive professional world. Don’t just focus on money, as all of these ways will also give you experience in writing, client handling, and professionalism.

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