4 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Natural Pest Control

natural pest control

What is Natural Pest Control

Natural Pest Control uses pesticides that are derived from the ground, plants, or even animals. Pesticides that are created by natural means are generally environmentally friendly. In most cases, extractions from these natural sources are derived into oils that contain their pest repelling properties. There are many reasons to replace synthetic pesticides with natural ones.

Environmentally Friendly

Using natural pesticides is also another way to stay organic, thus, reducing your carbon footprint. Synthetically made pesticides when used on the soil to prevent pests from getting to your plants, it diminishes the quality of the soil which comes in contact with the synthetic pesticides. Using synthetic pesticides also harms the biodiversity of your ecosystem as it tends to kill not just the pests but also other insects in the soil and the fish in the water which come in contact with the pesticide. Natural Pesticides do not harm anything else within the ecosystem except for the pests which invade it.

Safe for Kids and Pets

Natural pesticides are safer and healthier to be used around kids, pets and the environment as the ingredients within them do not cause any harm if consumed. Synthetic pesticides are expected to be left around your home which makes them accessible to your kids and dogs. Most synthetic pesticides harmful for consumption and in many cases it could spell death for your kids or your pets.

Long-lasting Solution for Ever-Evolving Pests

Natural pesticides also work better during the long run as pests seem to develop resistance against synthetic/chemical pesticides. Natural pesticides are derived from sources that pests have avoided for millenniums, therefore, they are less likely to develop resistance to them. One such recorded case is the pesticide-resistant bed bugs that are immune to DDT.

Safe and Easy to Use

While applying synthetic pesticides you will need to take many precautions. This is due to their harmful nature when they make contact with our skin or any part of our body. Industrial Pesticides are too strong for our skin, if made contact with our skin, we will experience severe skin burns.


If you are trying to apply synthetic pesticides in higher places and it was to accidentally fall into your eyes it could lead to permanent blindness. Natural pesticides will not harm you if you come in contact with it.

Choosing the Right Natural Pesticide:

One thing to note before going for natural pesticides is that you need to be sure that it mentions that it is safe to be used around pets and children. Most natural pest control methods also have extensive methods that you need to follow in order to execute. One brand which has gotten praise in the field of natural forms of pest control is MDX Concepts. As all their products are naturally derived, safe and easy to use.

Magma Home Pest Spray

The Magma Home Pest Spray by MDX Concepts is a spray that has been derived from peppermint, spearmint, and rosemary. Their essential oils have been combined to make a spray which is natural pest spray for home. The spray is easy to use, all you need to do is find places in your home where you suspect to be infested and you just spray away. This will keep the pests away.

When to turn towards Local Pest Control

Pests are a nuisance and they are difficult to deal with. Pest infestations can make your home go from bad to unhabitable. Natural products offer you a solution for year-round protection against pests as you cannot leave pesticides around the home throughout the year. If you ever feel like the infestation has gotten out of hand, be sure to contact the local pest control. If there is an infestation at your home you need to be sure to contain it as it could harm your entire community.

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