5 Trends in the B2B Space for 2021


1) Lead Conversion

Brand marketing for B2Bs is more focused on actual micro-conversions. Many B2Bs promote their products and services via eBooks and webinars to secure leads. Then, content like blog posts, articles, and newsletters are used to nurture and convert these prospects. As a result, content can help generate leads and lead conversion instead of just generating them.

Customer engagement can be captured and turned into action through interactive digital events. Brands can drive down the sales funnel by giving their customers more of what they want by making customized experiences.

2) Email Personalization

Email marketing has been a bullet-proof distribution channel for B2B marketers. 60% of B2B marketers have said email marketing has been their most effective channel for generating revenue. It is also considered by many to be the best way to find information after recommendations from co-workers and industry thought leaders.

To further increase margins on emails, personalization is most effective. Personalized email subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those that are not.

The individualized approach to email marketing has proven to increase transaction rates six-fold. About 89% of B2B marketers say they include email newsletters among their top three favorite types of content used.

You can find emails with tools like GetEmail.io to help you communicate with potential clients directly via email. Through this service and the use of email personalization, you are more likely to generate revenue for your B2Bs.

3) Customer Experience

The B2B marketing strategy should result in customer-centric thinking, as the only digital marketing trend that will never fade is providing an outstanding customer experience using customer-centric thinking.

Transformative initiatives developed because of the pandemic have usually included a strong customer experience component. In an environment where the majority of B2B buyers remain at home, brands are focusing more on creating captivating, interactive experiences.

In a world where 73% of B2B buyers are millennials, a majority of their lifestyles are influenced by digital-first environments, leading them to set high customer-experience standards.

4) Marketing Automation Adoption and Integration

Nearly every stage of the content marketing supply chain is ripe for automation. Since the proliferation of marketing automation tools, from keyword research to content creation to distribution and measurement, the content has become much more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. About 44% of B2B brands use marketing automation systems.

5) Podcasts

Podcasts, while not new, are exploding in 2021. Statistics show that there are more than 850, 000 active podcasts in 2021. Podcasts allow listeners to get to know the personalities behind their favorite brands more as compared to traditional content efforts.

B2B organizations have taken advantage of podcasts, using them as a means of connecting with auditory audiences that are constantly on the move.

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