5 Types of Logos You Should be Familiar with Before Making Your Logo Design

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Logo Designing and creation is a massive step for any small business, and it may seem like a humongous task if you are not familiar with graphic design. Whether you hire professional logo designing services or you are doing it yourself, first and foremost, you need to analyze your needs and requirements. The five most essential types of logos have been discussed below so that you can choose the best type that matches your business.


As the name suggests, this logotype only consists of the company’s name. These types of logos are versatile and can be adapted for any business type. However, these logotypes work best for companies with short, catchy names.

Ray Ben, Kenwood, Pampers, Google, FedEx, Canon, ACER, Oreo, Oral B are all examples of famoussignature logos.

It is best to hire an affordable logo designing agency if you are planning to use this type of logo for your brand. Even if you have hired someone to design a logo for you, no one can understand your brand better than you, so make sure that the font used truly expresses the values and missions of your business. A signature logo font should become your brand’s identity. Spacing and colors also play a significant role in yielding a professional result when it comes to signature logos.


The most popular type of logo is the signature logo. Successful brands like Apple, Shell, Twitter, Disney are popularly known by their symbols. Now you may be thinking that you also need a logo designwith only the symbol, but as a small business, this can prove to be too risky for you as it can be very tough to distinguish your brand. Bigger companies use these symbols because they already have a presence in the market. Initially, even many such companies also started with the signature logo or used a combination of signature and symbol. Once their clientele was developed, and their consumers were able to recognize their symbols, they removed the signature.


Monograms are like the crest of your company. Historically family crests were used by royal families and other people to help identify their identity. The same is the case with companies. Using an initial letter of an acronym of the company’s name is used to create a logo design.A monogram is a logo consisting of one or more letters. Car brands and technology companies popularly use this logo design. The industry that goes by the use of monogram logos is the fashion industry, which has made it more upscale.

Whether you belong to a professional logo designing company or just researching online, you must have observed that this logotype looks perfect if illustrated in a square or defined in a very small format. It’s simple yet elegant.

Example logos: Volkswagen, General Electric, LG, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, NASA

Combined Logo

The most flexible and popular logo is the combined logo. This logo design is a combination of a symbol and a signature. Having a pictogram and a signature gives you the freedom to use them together or separately as per your needs.

If you are planning to have a combined logo for your small business, then it’s important that the symbol and the typography should be in sync. There should be proper alignment and contrast between the symbol or monogram and your signature. Experiment with vertical, horizontal, or box-like shape.

Many big companies like Amazon, NBC, Microsoft, Pepsi, Adidas, Lacoste, Jimmy Choo use combined logos.


The shape identifies this type and the trademark/slogan locked within it along with the company’s name. Curvy text, label-like look with a vintage undertone are the key features of badge logo design. Because of its vintage connotation and a specific style, these logos are mostly used for sports and restaurants. They even look great on labels of bottles. However, remember that you don’t have a lot of adaptability with these logos, as a particular shape bounds them.

Example logos: Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Warner Brothers, NFL, Vans, Manchester United, Hielaman’s Old Style, Moosehead

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