What Every Woman Desires in Man and Life Generally

Every Womans Desire

Every Lady values any Man that seeks advice from her and also listens to her; it gives her sense of belonging because the secret of any successful man is a successful and knowledgeable Lady behind him. This is an inevitable fact of life and success.

It is not only sex that she becomes your partner, you must involve her in your daily activities because it is called relationship, so keep relating and keep loving.

A real Man understands that petting a woman is like giving water to the body, excess water does not harm the body rather it nourishes the system and keeps it clean and keeps it away from diseases, such is also applicable to women, keep petting her.

If you want to see the best in a woman, form the habit of appreciation and admiration her. Just little words of Kindness like:

“Thank you love”

“You look charming”

“You are the best”

“Wow! What a wonderful outfit honey”

“I love the pelf you are wearing”

“You look beautiful and adoring”

“I feel been with you all day”

Keep admiring her and tell her how beautiful she is..

Every Lady appreciate gifts but if you want her to call you ‘Unique’ just try presenting a gift to her before her friends, of course she want her friends to notice and see how you value her.

But before we move forward have in-mind that:

“Happiness keeps you sweet!

  Trials keep you strong!

  Sorrow keeps you Human!

  Failure keeps you Humble!

  And God keeps you going!”

Don’t be a Sex-Mate but a Soul-Mate; every other thing shall be given unto you.

If you really want to fall in love with a woman, you must learn to ignore and overlook certain things, some of their way of life is a mystery, you must not know all and you must learn to over look certain things, always advice, cherish and love. Don’t be afraid of talking to her may be because of her height, class, beauty or whatsoever. She is a part of you and that is what makes her a woman. Remember you were asleep when God created her, you woke up and called her woman, meaning she came out from you; therefore treat her as your half. Is it too much? The answer is NO.

Finally, deep inside their hearts, they love and cherish a God fearing man. A God fearing man is Christ like Man, she believes you will love her as Christ loves his church. Please this article if you love it.

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