Antminer Mining Machine Maintenance

The machine maintenance is an essential service to maintain the profitability of your mining setup. The more time spent without troubleshooting the Antminer L3+ control board will cost you time and money in the long run. Repairing and maintaining the integrity of the machines take more than just a few DIY videos.

Professional support is needed for effective L3+ test fixture. Frequently failing machines may not impact the profitability of your setup but it will also cost you repairing costs. Instead of facing the same issues with BM1485 chips and other hardware components, get professional support to handle all sustenance requirements.

Professional Repair and Maintenance Support for the Antminer

Authorized and qualified machine repair experts have the required diagnostic tools, repairing labs and the expertise to offer correct technical support as required by the machine. With appropriate tools and hardware components, proper sustenance of the machine is achievable. We offer a wide range of technical support guides and educational content for the customers. From the L3+ troubleshooting to installing new hardware, you will discover our expertise in all the related aspects.

Quality Maintenance for Higher Profitability

Overlooking a scheduled maintenance and repairing requirements of your Antminer machine can sabotage your whole mining infrastructure. Failure of a core hardware component will limit the productivity of the whole setup and cause damages that may end up being more expensive in juxtaposition with the overlooked technical support in the first instance. The L3+ troubleshooting can help you to detect malfunctioning components and this proactive approach can help to deal with problems before they start affecting the whole system.

Effective maintenance of the L3+ control board and fixture can help you to:

  • Get the competitive hash rate for your machines
  • Eliminate the downtime due to unexpected hardware issues and failures
  • Get rid of high repairing cost and shipping charges
  • Detect and eliminate the errors with timely troubleshooting

Our certified experts and engineers are good at their jobs. We also offer OEM hardware components and BM1485 chips for the machines. For every minor and major issue with the mining rigs, we have the right and customized technical support services. You can’t go wrong with us.

Can The Mining Machine Maintenance Be DIY?

The craze of doing things on your own is great and a proactive approach can save you from different serious troubles that may occur in the future. There are several helpful guides available that can help you to carry out the process at home. The antminer is a very powerful machine with plenty of features, so it’s important to care for your machine properly. In order to do that, you will need to keep your machine clean and well-maintained.

To start the process of the maintenance, you’ll need the following:

– DeoxIT® D5 concentrates cleaner

– USB keyboard or mouse with PS/2 adapter (to access motherboard)

– Q-tips and cotton balls

Handling the technicalities of the process may be challenging for normal users. Apart from arranging the equipment, technical steps like the L3+ troubleshooting may give you a tough time. One wrong move or mishandling of the chips sabotages the whole mining setup. Most of the time, DIY hacks turn into a mess and you end up with more damage than making things better.

In terms of machine repair and maintenance, the job is better left to the professionals. The other thing is the unavailability of the right hardware components and tools. On the other hand, professionals already have all the requisite appliances and tools to maintain and service the rigs.

Preventive Maintenance for the Antminer

A strategically developed schedule can help to prevent certain issues that lead to bigger failure. Mining machines take most of the beating and failing an L3+ test fixture or any other chip is not a big issue if the machines are maintained properly. Different hardware components need custom care and attention.

We can help you to develop a plan that takes account of every major chip and miniature controller in the machine. With OEM repair hardware components and chips, we ensure to keep your machine running 24/7. Don’t let the logistics hold you back from getting the required services because we also offer remote assistance for L3+ test fixture and troubleshooting services on the Antminer. You can as well check our website for more.

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  1. I bought 10 sets of Antminer S9 pro on the 2140 miner platform, and used them for more than a month without any problems, but when they were placed in the warehouse at home, the noise was very loud. I want to ask which mining pool everyone is digging in. I feel like I haven’t earned back the electricity bill.

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