Ways to Encourage Your Employees’ Morale During The Pandemic


The past year was the much-awaited year for numerous reasons, but never for the adversity we had faced. The pandemic transposed the entire world upside down in just a matter of months. What took years to build to achieve was washed up right in front of our eyes.

Many grieved the loss of their loved ones, while numerous stranded without any job or source of income. The economy of many countries came down crashing like never before. It had also affected the ones who could save their chairs at work.

Right now, the people around the world are picking from what’s left and trying to get back to normal. However, we have shifted to the new normal. Adapting to the changes instantly and seeing the world with a new set of eyes. Many who have left or were laid off by the companies found a new way to earn their living. The others who have stuck to their offices are finding different ways to cope with the diverse working style.

The most difficult times HR managements are facing now more than ever. Trying to retain their employees while also keeping them motivated to work every single day. It can get quite exhausting. Then how do we keep the spirit of the employees high? Here are some of the tips to follow,

Be more than just, “I’m just a call away.”

It is the most commonly used sentence where the HR teams or the immediate managers say to their staff to show that they are approachable. But most of the employees think of it as maintaining the decorum of the office. Mean it when you say it to your staff.

Occasionally, send them emails asking their whereabouts and howabouts. It will give them a sense of trust and safety. The employee will find you approachable and has confidence in you. A little empathy and concern go a long way in the corporate world.

Keep them updated with the internal communication

Are you planning to call your employees back to your offices? or are you planning to cut their salaries by a minimum percentage to save the company from being bankrupt? No matter what the information is, the employee has every right to know.

Regardless of how tough the news is, it is appreciated if you share it with your employees instead of keeping them in the dark. Updating with the new policies implemented will help them ease out from their anxiety and toxic work stress.

The potential of small gestures

Acknowledgement is a gesture that is appreciated highly by every individual. The acknowledgement of a single human can lead to higher and better consequences, especially while working. Three things that any employee thrives for are acknowledgement, validation, and praise.

In uncertain times like these, if an employee gets any of the earlier would feel appreciated and increase positive feeling. Recognize and comprehend your employee’s personal triumphs. Gift them with small goodies and observe how they feel valued. In return, they would give their best to improve the company’s status.

Be flexible

Since last year, a lot of the employees around the world have gone virtual. It implies that most of them are working from home. Be empathetic towards their concerns as not many would have high-speed internet or a cozy area to work like their higher counterparts. Set expectations. However, be flexible enough to give some space for improvements.

Equip them with seamless transitions from working from the office to working from home. Present them with all the equipment required to run. And, also give them enough training to work on their own. It is also vital that you get their regular feedback to help you improve your process better.

Have a little fun

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is already stressful for the employee that he/she is working from home and sharing household chores all at once. And the work stress leaves them with more anxiety. As much as you want to improve your productivity, it is encouraged to have a little fun.

It proves to release stress and help the employees concentrate on their productivity. Fun activities help the newcomers to connect and bond with the vintage employees. It also makes the team better to work with.


For obvious reasons, investing in morale-friendly policies is far-fetched than just taking your teammates to the monthly lunches. Having such policies induces a positive outlook for the employees in these uncertain times. A transparent means of communication would also imply an increase in trust in the employer.

You can also conduct a seminar by the industry expert to help the employees understand their situation and find ways to cope. You can find such experts and get in touch with them through email finder tool, GetEmail.io. It is an AI-powered freemium tool that can access millions of professional email addresses of people from every country. It can provide you with email contact within a matter of seconds.

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