How to Keep Business Premises Cleaner

How to Keep Business Premises Cleaner

You spend many hours at your business. When the premise is clean it provides a better environment for those who work there as well as for customers. Here are a few tips for keeping the area cleaner and taking it to the next level of clean.

Prevent Big Messes

There are some simple measures that make it easier to have a clean location. You’ll need door mats, particularly during snowy or rainy months so that your employees and customers don’t track mud into your establishment. To go along with this, you’ll also need some easy access mops and wet floor signs. If you notice a lot of water being tracked in have a designated person to keep an eye on the area and regularly mop up the mess. Make sure that every employee feels a sense of responsibility and ownership in keeping your business clean with Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Houston.

Keep the Right Supplies On Hand

Give your employees, and especially your cleaning crew, the right equipment for the kinds of messes you might encounter. Most business offices will require the standard equipment like brooms, window cleaners, and vacuums. Keep additional vacuum parts on hand so that you’re never stuck with a mess you can’t clean up. If you don’t have enough employees to keep your business spotless all the time, consider rotating chores and employees who do them.

A Clean Routine

The order you clean your area in does matter. Tasks may need to be done daily or twice a day. Decide what works best for you. Clean wet areas, like sinks or restrooms first, refilling paper and soap. Mop as necessary and block off wet areas for safety. Next, work from the top, down. Dust tall items and items on the wall, so that any particles will fall down. After that, empty all trash and shredders. Vacuum to pick up anything that may have gotten on the floor while cleaning. Finally, clean glass and windows so they do not get dusty. You’ll likely need to spot clean other areas as needed.

If you don’t feel like your employees have time for cleaning or cleaning falls outside of the parameters of their job description, consider hiring an outside cleaning business to come in and do the work for you.

Organize Everything

Designate a specific storage area for your cleaning supplies so that you always know where they are. Any other miscellaneous items in your workspace need to have a place where they belong and can be returned to after they are used.

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