Daddy’s Checklist – How To Baby-Proof Your New Home


Building and moving to your new home become crucial if you bring your baby with you. As a dad, you want to make sure your house is safe once they arrive. If your home is still in the building stage, take that opportunity to baby-proof. After all, proofing preparations may also take some time and effor

If you’re looking after the safety of your baby once they arrive, here’s a checklist of baby-proofing tips for daddies like you.

1.Secure Your TV And Other Furniture In The Living Room

Furniture collisions and falls can cause danger to your baby, especially when they’re left alone in the roof even for a few minutes. Thus, it’s essential to tie down your TV and furniture using furniture straps. You can also mount some pieces of your furniture like dressers and bookshelves to walls to ensure they’ll not collide or fall out. When it comes to some other furniture with sharp edges, you can place edge bumpers for additional security.

2. Keep Longer Cords Fastened Against The Wall

Another baby-proofing tip to remember is to control your cords. If you use long cables for your appliances and other electronic gadgets, be sure you can keep them fastened against the wall. If there’s a way to attach the same on the wall, then do it.

By controlling your cords, your baby will be unable to tug on a tangle of wires, and in turn, keep them safe against electrical hazards.

Moreover, as your baby starts to become curious and investigative, installing outlet covers can be a great idea. Outlet protectors, for instance, are baby-proofing supplies you can request to be installed during the home-building process.

3. Lock Cabinets Up

As mentioned, babies tend to check on everything they see in their surroundings. As they start to crawl, make sure your cabinets have safety latches that automatically lock when you close them. That way, you can keep hazardous chemicals and items away from their reach. During the building stage of your home, plan how you’re going to secure your cabinets from your baby’s reach. To have additional safety, you can have some built-in cabinets installed far away from small fingers. For instance, you can include the installation of these built-in cabinets in your house plans to guide your builders with the construction process.

4. Careful About Installing Window Blinds

In addition to electrical cords in your room, it’s also essential to be cautious about installing window coverings. As babies would love putting something on their neck, dads like you should be extra careful with the window treatments you have in your new home. For example, Venetian blinds should be out of the reach of your little one. If possible, have them replaced with window treatments with inaccessible cord options. That way, you can ensure the safety of your home.

5. Secure The Nursery Room

Don’t forget to baby-proof the nursery room. You can start by making sure your baby’s crib has fixed rails to prevent falls and injuries. Also, when choosing a crib, choose the one that fits your baby’s age. If the nursery room is located upstairs, install walk-through baby gates at the top and bottom for safety. This is extremely crucial for parents with crawling babies.


The baby-proofing process can be a bit stressful. With all the things that need to be done, no question your mind is filled with so many what-ifs, and your daddy instinct keeps on kicking in. If your new home is still in the building stage, it’s the best time to get started with the baby-proofing tips above. That way, you can move to your new home without worrying about the safety of your baby.

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