Serverspace Cloud Service Review

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Having a website on the internet is essential to the relevance of any company. However, putting a page on the internet without headaches requires hiring the best website hosting provider.

Thus, a website hosting service offers a home for your website and pages to inhabit, making it available to be accessed by visitors. This service, however, takes care of storing your pages and data so that your users are able to browse quickly and safely. The effectiveness of all this depends on the quality of the service provider, which is the quality of the website hosting.

Therefore, choosing a quality and reliable website hosting service like Serverspace is fundamental to the success of any website.

Hence, it is worthwhile to turn your attention to the ranking of the best options that currently exist and choose the latest cloud service provider that can offer the fastest and widest internet access. To get the best out of this, it is important to choose a hosting service that caters to the varying types of businesses and also build your entire website. 

Knowing that some users might not understand the terminology in weighing the features of this service provider while selecting the service that works best for their company’s needs, we decided to review one of the fastest-growing hosting services around the world, Serverspace.

What Does Serverspace Offer Its Users?

Serverspace is an ideal online cloud IT infrastructure rental service that provides quality and affordable cloud services; VPS/VDS, SSL, free DNS, and so on: ideal for developers. Their basic shared hosting plans come with unlimited storage and a free DNS. Their service allows you to configure and deploy virtual servers, configure network circuits, order SSL certificates, administer domain zones, and monitoring.

They also offer one of the easy-to-use cloud computing services you can think of; in just a couple of clicks, you can easily deploy a virtual IT infrastructure in the largest data centers in the world. Another valuable feature of this Serverspace is the automatic migration of the company’s IT infrastructure, corporate mails, CRM systems, accounting data, etc. to a more secure cloud, allowing you to professionalize your online presence without losing your digital heritage.

They also provide great customer support to aid their customers needing assistance and got connected through a live chat or phone call by providing instant answers to each of their questions within a few seconds. Their services cover VPS in Europe, America, and beyond, with their office located in the Netherlands.

What Are the Unique Features of Serverspace Cloud Service?

By investing more and more in innovative and current technologies, Serverspace is considered as one of the best website hosting for the most advanced developers and most demanding customers. Among its technological possibilities and hosting offers include: 

Unlimited VPS Hosting: VPS hosting is the perfect balance between price, performance, security, low costs, and confidentiality. Thus, Serverspace provides uninterrupted VPS with a guaranteed set of resources and a dedicated IP address that allows you to host any amount of websites, databases, and web applications without extra charges. This feature automatically turns you to a website host provider as you can host as many sites as you can. 

Development: With the service provided by Serverspace, you can develop, deploy, and test software through powerful modern equipment. This will undoubtedly, increase the effectiveness of your team with 24/7 project sharing worldwide access.

VDI, VPN, and Proxy: Serverspace offers you the opportunity to stay online anonymously by creating full-function virtual desktops, private virtual networks, and proxies. 

Business: You will get one of the best cloud computing services that enable easy migration of the company’s IT infrastructure, corporate mails, CRM systems, accounting data, etc. to a more secure cloud.

Why Developers Choose Serverspace

99,9% SLA: Their services guarantee high availability and financial compensation in case of SLA violations.

10-Minute Billing Cycle: Their services are charged every 10 minutes and only for the resources used.

24/7 Support: Serverspace’s technical support team is ready to provide you with professional help.

Enterprise Equipment: Serverspace uses enterprise equipment from leading global manufacturers Cisco and NetApp.

4 Data Centers: Their infrastructure is located in the largest data centers in the world.


Serverspace is a powerful cloud service provider that offers affordable services, which allow users, especially developers to deploy virtual servers, scalable infrastructure, S3 storage, and order SSL, just in a few clicks. They offer unique services that guarantee high availability and financial compensation in case of SLA violations. 

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