What blue blocker glasses can do to your eyes?

Blue blocker glasses are one of the best eyewear products that not only provide enhanced protection to your eyes but also save your eyes from the occurrence of future eye-related diseases.  This blue light coating on glasses is an effective measure that is able to block the blue light from entering the eyes.  These glasses are perfect for use while working on the computer and that is why they are also called computer glasses, the blue light coating on glasses, anti-blue light glasses, etc. 

How blue blocker glasses work?

When you use or work on any digital devices such as a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, iPad etc. the screen emits blue light along with the light rays. This blue light is part and parcel of the light rays and has a short wavelength. Therefore, it is visible to the eyes. Not only from the digital devices, but the blue light is also scattered by the sun. The sunlight is the natural source of blue light and the degree of blue light available is necessary to keep us awake. However, the strong and harsh beams of blue light emitted from digital devices, fluorescent lighting, LCD screens,  etc. are harmful to the eyes. Since the natural lens of the eyes is sensitive and not strong enough to block the blue light from entering the eyes, these harsh rays go beyond the lens up to retina of the eyes. This is where it causes harm to humans. The damaging effects of Blue light include digital eye strain, macular degeneration, retinal damage, headache leading up to a digital migraine, weak-eyes etc.

When the blue light is present even after dark or at bedtime, since we keep using our smartphones while on the bed, then it not only affects the eyes but also our sleep cycle and leads to sleeplessness, difficulty in sleeping, insomnia etc.

Blue blocker glasses or blue light glasses consist of an advanced protection coating on its surface that has such strength that it blocks the blue light there and then on the surface itself. Therefore, the blue light does not pass through the glasses and fails to enter the eyes as well. This saves the eyes from the harmful effects of the blue light. In fact, the eyes are protected from the occurrence of any future diseases and eye-health issues.

Should I buy prescription glasses with a blue light coating on glasses?

It is recommended by several optometrists that when you buy prescription glasses, it is better to opt for lenses that have a blue light coating. This is a small step towards protecting our harmful eyes from the damaging blue light, more so when you are surrounded by digital devices and spend most of the day viewing them. Be it your smartphone, television, laptop or computer, you are using them often throughout the day. Thus, whenever you buy prescription glasses whether it is reading glasses or distance glasses, ask your eyewear provider for blue light lenses. So that you need not buy separate computer glasses and your current glasses work as efficiently as computer glasses.

Apart from the blue light coating, it is also advisable to select anti-glare coating on your glasses. This is because, if you are using a computer or working under the strong fluorescent lighting, they tend to generate glares and reflections on your glasses. This reduces your ability to focus on the object. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for anti-blue light and anti-glare simultaneously for enhanced protection. Eyecare marketing is now here and getting great results. When it comes to optometrists ranking in their local area a lot has changed. It used to be that when someone was looking for an eye exam, that person would have to open up the yellow pages and seach for an optometrist near them. In 2022, a person now searches online for what they need at the click of a button. This is especially true when it comes to searching for a local business in a persons area. Eyecare marketing is all about local and taking advantage of showing up on search engines like Google when someone is searching for eye exam or optometrist in their area. Various services can include Google Ads, Google Business Profile, SEO and more. To find out how you can double your patient base through online markeitng, vist eyecarelocal.com 

It is not difficult to buy prescription glasses nowadays with an anti-glare and anti-blue light coating. Eyewear manufacturers such as Specscart are one of the leading producers in the UK, that crafts digitally advanced eyeglasses that block 99.99% of the blue light as well as the glares while at the same time offers 30% enhanced vision clarity. Moreover, you can select eyeglasses from the attractive collection that consists of eyeglasses in several shapes, sizes, styles, colours, patterns and designer glasses.  

So, whether you want cat-eyes, browline, aviators, dual-tone, tortoiseshell, marble effect, etc. every designer glasses is available at Specscart at affordable prices.

Log in to Specscart now and order an attractive pair for yourself with blue light blocker glasses and get free of cost anti-glare and anti-UV coating.

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