Tired of Overpaying? Here are Ways to Cut off Excessive Spending and Start Living Smartly

excessive spending

We bet you are well familiar with the gripping excitement of making an instant purchase, once some little knickknack catches your eye. And no wonder! It is clear as day that buying things brings us an unparalleled feeling of happiness and immediate satisfaction. But this is the bright side of the moon. The dark one is that buying is all about spending. Sometimes, it gets so dramatic that you cannot even tell when spending turns into wasting money, either intentionally or by an erroneous swipe of a credit card.

So if now and then you find yourself in a trap like this, we come bearing great news for you. Here are some smart ways to save up on your daily routine and make your life easier. 

Avoid Peak Hours to Do the Chores

Could you even imagine that you can save a pretty penny by merely rearranging the schedule of your cleaning routine? Thankfully, these days, plenty of energy providers and city utility companies offer rewards programs for cutting down energy use at peak times. For instance, Florida Power & Light offers a program where you can significantly cut off your electricity discount rates by, for example, doing your laundry at 11 a.m. instead of 6 p.m. So why not giving it a try? Rearrange your schedule and benefit yourself! 

Tired of Overpaying? Here are Ways to Cut off Excessive Spending and Start Living Smartly

Mining or Forging – new era of earning extra money

Forging, instead of using expensive hardware consuming confusing amounts of energy, network protection depends on the value of the coins themselves, making the costs of operating the network much definitely cheaper and saving the environment by using an energy consumption that essentially is equal to a common online banking system, which generally is quite significant. As Bitcoin and digital currencies, in general, become more popular, demand for mining can only increase. So, beyond operations that seek to use renewable energy sources, companies like MetaHash are coming up with new solutions to meet the growing demand in a responsible, sustainable way in a subtle way. Forging can be done by anyone at any time, simply by using a smartphone. So, instead of a behemoth mining farm in Central Asia or Iceland churning out energy, the consumption is light and its environmental impact sort of low. But is it really economically viable, which literally is fairly significant.

Drive Like a Pro? Benefit From Your Skills! 

Do you think you are a savvy driver? Then prove it – and start earning with Root Insurance App! You only need to install the app on your smartphone and step on the gas! The app will run in the background and monitor all your driving metrics – acceleration, braking, etc. After two-three weeks of the driving test, your skills will pay off – you will get an insurance quote from Root Insurance App! The better you drive, the more you benefit – that is the whole idea. So give it a chance!

Choose Smart Shopping

At this point, the app marketplace bristles with a variety of grocery-savings apps, which make shopping much more pleasurable and help to spend reasonably. Whether you are a saving pro or a newbie your route to smart shopping, Fetch Rewards app is definitely worth your attention. Once you have the app installed, you only need to upload the pictures of your grocery receipts. If your receipt contains one of more than 250 brands in Fetch Rewards‘ list, be assured of getting a generous discount. No need to search for offers or scanning barcodes! Everything is as easy as A-B-C! 

Pay Your Bills Smartly

Tired of making predictions about the numbers in your bills every time? You do not have to anymore! Leave it to TrueBill app, which is specifically designed to finally get you free from unnecessary subscriptions, excessive bank fees and jaw-dropping oh-my-god electricity rates. You only need to create an account in the app and connect it to your bank or credit card. The app will negotiate bills for you and eventually get you a rewarding refund. Uploading and using the app is free, with an option to get a premium subscription with a broader scope of functions. TrueBill has already helped hundreds of users to save up to  $700 annually! Ready to become the next lucky one? Take your chance and sign up right now!

Get Rid of Junk Mail

Receiving junk mail is pretty annoying. But what if we tell you, you can use the mail for your own good? Indeed, you can largely benefit by taking your junk mail and email to SBK Center. The company will be happy to get them and give you a Visa prepaid card in exchange. The experience can bring even more benefits if you are self-employed or run your own business – you can earn bonus points!

Sell Your Smartphone Pictures

Do your friends think that when you click the camera of your smartphone some magic happens? Well, we are sure a rewarding creative career is ahead of you. But what we have to offer to you now is to earn money by exposing your creative potential to the world. With Foap app sharing your talent has never been so easy! What it takes is just to install the app and sign up. That’s it! Now you can upload one of your masterpieces to Foap’s marketplace. Once someone likes your picture and gets the license to it for $10, you immediately get $5 in your pocket. Take pictures, sell 20 of them in Foap and make  $100 in a matter of 5 minutes! Sounds cool, right? It is indeed, so go for it!

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