How to Travel Without your Savings Taking a Dive

how to travel without saving

Traveling is not a cheap ordeal. Of course, if you choose to travel local, then your budget may not feel it that hard, but going abroad can cost you quite a bit. Not to mention if you want to get on the other side of the world. Only plane tickets can reach thousands of dollars. Not to mention that you need a place to sleep and food. However, there are ways you can cross some destinations off your bucket list without losing an arm and a leg. All you need is patience and to follow a UAE embassy legalisation.

Buy a plane ticket ahead of time…way ahead

There are very few spontaneous trips around the world. Unless you are quite rich and do not care about the additional hundreds of dollars you spend on last-minute tickets. However, most people plan these trips months in advance. And that is the smartest way to save some cash.

How to Travel Without your Savings Taking a DiveIt is one thing to buy a flight ticket for two weeks from now, and another to purchase it 6 months before departure. The difference is significant. Especially if you plan to go half-way around the world.

Try to travel off-season

We all know that traveling in high season is the most expensive. While that may come with better temperatures, your budget will undoubtedly take a dive. Tourism is always cheapest when airlines and hotels know that they will not get that many customers. Now, I am not saying you should visit a place when the weather is unbearable, but you should give it a try in spring or autumn. It is not that bad. Plus, exotic places have beautiful weather all year round. So what if you miss a few degrees? At least you will not be spending all your money. Not to mention that taking a trip off-season means fewer people. It is a bonus if you do not like crowded places.

Get your visa online

Of course, this advice only works if you travel to a country that issues electronic visas and you are eligible. Let’s say, for example, that you want to go to Kenya. Most nationalities are either visa exempt or qualify for an e-visa. So get your visa online. You should apply ahead of time so that you can go for the standard processing, which is the least expensive. That way, you do not have to go to an embassy, which is an expense in its own way. Plus, you get your travel document at under $100. Do not forget, however, that you need a passport.

Go hunting for the best deals

Travel agencies will always try to lure you with some of the best possible deals, and you should take full advantage of that. However, you should never throw yourself at the first one that comes into your e-mail inbox. When you plan ahead, you have a chance to sort through all the offers that come your way. You should hunt for those that come off-season. That way, you may be lucky to travel in high-season with low-season prices.

Now, the best deals do not come only for hotels and flight tickets. They also target all sort of fun activities you can do once you reach your destination. Take advantage of those as well. You know how it is. You save some here, some there, and at the end of your vacation, you will still have some walk-around money.

There are plenty of ways to help your savings stay where they are for as much as possible. All you have to do is to plan smart and do not get sucked into the hype of going on vacation. After all, you will go back home at some point, and what you come to matters more.

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