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Binary options are the easiest way of profiting from movements in the global financial markets: you simply select which direction you think a given market will move and make a profit if you are correct. Unlike trading forex or stocks, there is no need to worry about stop losses, take profit levels, leverage or negative balances. Originoption is the only binary options broker regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), so you know that your investment is in safe hands.

Trading binary options is simple

Binary options contracts allow you to speculate on whether a given market will finish the contract term higher or lower. How far the market moves is irrelevant – you just need to predict which direction it’s going. This means trading binary options is a lot less complicated than trading forex or stocks. With binary you just select Higher / Lower, enter how much you are prepared to risk and click the buy or sell button – it’s that easy!

Never lose more than your deposit

Leveraged products like forex can produce massive gains for traders, but your risk is also unlimited: you can lose more money than you deposited and end up owing your broker money. This is because profits and losses in traditional markets are determined by how far the market moves.

Binary Options Broker

Binary options contracts at Originoption remove all the uncertainty from the equation: when you place a trade, you know exactly how much you are risking and exactly how much you stand to make. You can never lose more than the amount you’ve risked and it is impossible to incur a negative balance. This is one of the main reasons traders find binary options contracts to be so attractive.

Australian regulated binary options broker

Lots of binary options brokers are based in locations with lax financial regulation like Cyprus or the Cayman Islands, but do you really think your money is safe with those sorts of brokers? Originoption is a respected Australian company with an Australian Financial Services License. This means your binary options broker is regulated by the Australian Securities and Exchange Commission (ASIC) and you can be confident your money is in safe hands.

Why risk trading with an unregulated, offshore provider when you can trade with a trusted, Australian broker with decades of experience in forex and financial markets?

Payouts as high as 300%

Some binary options providers only pay 50-60% of your investment when get a trade right, but with Originoption, payouts on standard contracts are as high as 85%. Originoption even offers ‘High Yield’ contracts which allow you to triple your original investment in a single trade!

No commissions or swap charges

Some stock brokers charge exorbitant commission fees, as high as $20 per trade, but when you trade binary options with Originoption, there are ZERO commission charge

On top of commission charges, forex and stock brokers also charge interest at the end of each day. As there is no leverage when you’re trading binary and trades are never held overnight, there is no need to worry about daily interest (swap) fees.

Trade Anywhere, Anytime

When you trade binary options with Original Option, there is no software to download as the entire platform web based. The Originoption platform is compatible with all the popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. This means you can trade anytime, from anywhere in the world – all you need is your laptop, mobile or tablet and an internet connection.

Imagine relaxing on a sunny beach in the Bahamas making money from your mobile!

Trade forex, stocks, indices and commodities

When you trade binary options with Originoption, you can trade every market under the sun. There is no need for lots of accounts with different brokers for each market: you can trade forex, stocks, indices and commodities all on the one platform with a single brokerage account!

Free demo account

Originoption offers free real-time demo accounts so you can practice and perfect your strategy before actually risking any real money. Our demo accounts are identical to our real money accounts, the only difference is they allow you to practice with zero risk.

Binary options is by far the easiest way of making money from the global financial markets. All you have to do is pick the direction, there is no need to worry about how far a market will move, leverage, stop losses or any other complex trading concepts. Contact Originoptions today and kick-start your career as a successful binary options trader!

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